Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here are a few drawings I did for some buck$.

This drawing (the two photos above) is probably my fave. I later watercolored it and kind of hated it. Same with the next one. If I had done it on proper watercolor paper I probably would have liked the result better. Oh, also I'd like to throw out- I designed the font I drew there too!
WHY BLOGGER, WHYYYYYYYYYY!?????????? This was not sideways before I uploaded it. Somebody clue me in on how to tell this stupid site who's boss. Anyways this is the Sorensen family. Again, I like this better before I colored it.

Now, this I didn't get paid for because its was part of a gift because of the extreme generosity of these two people, Mama and Papa Velez. They are the wonderful people who let my niece Nathalie and I stay at their house in Mexico for TWO WEEKS. For free. See? Ever so kind.

And these are their kids/the friends I made there in Mexico. Drawing them was a twofer. I got practice and they got to feel like celebs getting portraits done :) So, to clarify- all the first portraits I show are drawn from photos, taking several hours, but these last three were drawn from life, in about 20 minutes each. Well, the pen ones took that long. Helaman's took a while so he got a bonus back/shoulder-rub for having to sit still for so long, haha. Did I mention I'm an amateur masseuse? ;)