Sunday, November 22, 2009

Katie's Lil Purse

I made a purse for my friend Katie's birthday. Maybe you think it's tacky to have that plaid strap on the reverse of the floral side of the purse. My plan was that it not be seen when she's using that side. But uh... here you go! It's super simple design. Made smaller than I intended again. I thought she'd like both of these fabric designs and I didn't think it wasn't important that they be related in any way since they won't be showing at the same time.

I am curious to know if any of you find it bothersome when my reversible purses' reverse-side fabrics aren't related to each other. In my mind it's a GOOD thing they're not related so it's like having 2 totally different purses, and assuming that no one's going to look at the inside of your purse and judge you for clashing. I just know it drives my sister a little crazy that I make things like this. So- opinions: go.

Dog Plate #2

I did another dog plate- and this time got paid! haha. I never got to see the plate finished- my coworker took a picture of it with her phone when she opened the kiln, and then my friend I did it for came and picked it up that day (for her mom's birthday. Deadlines deadlines!). So, sorry (to you and me both!) that I don't have a better (and straight-on) picture of it- it's just that phone pic.
This one took me quite a bit longer. There was more pressure- maybe that's why. The other one took maybe an hour and this one probably took 5.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here are a few drawings I did for some buck$.

This drawing (the two photos above) is probably my fave. I later watercolored it and kind of hated it. Same with the next one. If I had done it on proper watercolor paper I probably would have liked the result better. Oh, also I'd like to throw out- I designed the font I drew there too!
WHY BLOGGER, WHYYYYYYYYYY!?????????? This was not sideways before I uploaded it. Somebody clue me in on how to tell this stupid site who's boss. Anyways this is the Sorensen family. Again, I like this better before I colored it.

Now, this I didn't get paid for because its was part of a gift because of the extreme generosity of these two people, Mama and Papa Velez. They are the wonderful people who let my niece Nathalie and I stay at their house in Mexico for TWO WEEKS. For free. See? Ever so kind.

And these are their kids/the friends I made there in Mexico. Drawing them was a twofer. I got practice and they got to feel like celebs getting portraits done :) So, to clarify- all the first portraits I show are drawn from photos, taking several hours, but these last three were drawn from life, in about 20 minutes each. Well, the pen ones took that long. Helaman's took a while so he got a bonus back/shoulder-rub for having to sit still for so long, haha. Did I mention I'm an amateur masseuse? ;)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

for... SALE!!!!!!! I made them just for you!

Check out these reversible beauties. They could be YOURS!!

asymmetrical pockets on the back
a peek to the inside/other outside!
a close up of this grey fabric is provided below
the back. Two more shallow pockets.
looking into the inside.

See? It's actually a little sparkly.

one side (this has a magnetic closure)
the other way
Here's what it looks like hanging with stuff in it.

I've never sold any of my sewn goods before so I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. I think just for now, if I have people interested I will take "bids". I have a price in my head, and don't worry- it's fair- it won't cost an arm and a leg! Feel free to let me know what you think, even if you don't want to purchase these. I have more purses in the works! (In my head at least! And tons of fabric to make 'em happen!) I can make simple custom purses too, if you're interested!

Finally- some ILLUSTRATIONS!!

These are some illustrations I did in my last semester of school at BYU-Idaho- Advanced Illustration, instructor Dan Burr, Winter 2008.
These are actually in order of when I did them. You can see my journey to find my style. It peaks at the self portrait. That day I got applause from my teacher and classmates :) It was nice. They knew I was struggling and couldn't figure out what medium and technique I was most comfortable with- and everyone was just really pleased with the outcome of that self portrait. I could say a lot about the whole thing. I'll spare you... for now. So... here's my journey: (and I'm still trying to figure it out!)

A practice piece for the next picture (obviously). I really like it! I think the following piece lost personality because I just got too controlled and detailed. Oh, the concept is "you are what you eat".
I think this is good, but... meh. This is acrylic with Prismacolor colored pencils and outline in pen. I was so lost on what medium I wanted that I practically used them all!
And here she is. I actually did a full on rendering of myself from a picture... and it was just so overworked and didn't "say" anything, it was just gray and white... so after all that work I just transfered some of it over on watercolor paper, did some sketching on it, and just tried to apply some beautiful colors. In part, this "works" so well because of the photo it's based on. As you'll see, I never quite successfully translated this technique to my future work... as much as I meant to :(
See how controlled? I just turned into a watercolorist, and it wasn't my intention. This is for the concept "The Happiest Man (or Woman) Alive."
I think this is actually really cute, except that I screwed it up with some colored fine-tip Sharpies. Losing control of my technique again...

haha. This was a big hit with the class. I got mad props on my buoy (boo-ey). And I deserved it!! :) I looked at tons of pictures of buoys and had to invent one of my own. Anyways, here our concept was "global warming".

I like this one. It wasn't totally what I was going for, but I like it for being less controlled. It's not as much like a coloring book, where i just fill the inside of my lines with color, like the "Happiest Woman Alive" one.


These are all illustrations from my "media experimentation" class- instructor Wade Huntsman, Winter 2007. Descriptions are under each picture.
This is a sand-off technique- just acrylic on board and you sand where you want, and add more paint where you want it more defined or detailed.
This was actually just a practice piece for my first time using gouache (pronounced "gwash" as in "i need to [g]wash my car") paint. The technique we did was you do an ink drawing, pile on a lot of paint that you want for your base colors, then you rinse it off (taping the edges really good). Then you add paint where you need it more bright or defined- it's similar to the sand off technique above- where you combine subtractive and additive.
This is an acrylic "photo rendering". I remember how hopeless i felt about it as I was starting- but I think it came out pretty well!
This is "oil lift-off". I don't really want to explain it. I don't think I really did it right. It's an awesome technique though, that I hope to use in the future. I'm glad I remembered that just now :)
This is a crazy technique using acrylic, gloss or matte medium, and wet sand paper. As you paint and it dries, you dip your sand paper in water and sand through different layers of paint to have under-layers emerge- it's pretty cool! A lot of work though. The lips were definitely where I put in the most work, and also the chin and jaw I think, because I was having a hard time getting them right!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Side Notes/Requests

In case you viewers don't know, you can always click on a picture to see it bigger. It shows up pretty huge, but you can see the details that way, that otherwise you might not have noticed.

Also, please feel free to COMMENT! I always appreciate what people tell me in person or on my facebook or where ever- but you can also leave a comment on the posts. If you comment then I have an idea of who I'm reaching and and how many people are looking at this. Unfortunately I don't totally know how blogger works so I don't know if you have to have a blog or a profile on this site in order to make a comment, or if you can just leave one without those requirements.
(Please feel free to "follow" me, or whatever it is, to automatically recieve my updates. Like I said... I don't really "get" this website.)

I hesitate to say this... but I welcome criticism :) CONSTRUCTIVE criticism! If you have an idea of how I could improve upon my next similar project let me know what you think (just so long as it's not something I already mentioned I knew I did poorly).

If you'll remember from my earliest posts, I'm doing this blog so that I can become encouraged and inspired by MYSELF and OTHERS to do more artwork. I have about a million and one hang-ups with doing art, and I seek positive reactions so that I can be reminded I have a gift that I SHOULD SHARE by making more art! And on that note, I would be happy to hear if you have ideas on something you could see me painting and think I should do or a way to expand my talent into a business. That would be great :)

But uh... no pressure. :D You could always just keep looking at this blog and remain a mystery- but at the very least, I hope you enjoy!

The Latest Commission!

My brother Jesse and sister-in-law Kelli commissioned me to make 3 illustrations for their daughter (my niece). They were definitely inspired by the amazing Barbie illustrations by Robert Best. I wish I wish I wish I could let loose and get my illustrations to look like his. I LOVE that style. I'm just not confident enough with anatomy, or my drawing skills for that matter, to just go at a "canvas" with a pen and expect a decent outcome. I should really practice!! (Don't get me started...). But it's not right to completely rip off someone's style or illustrations anyway, so it's probably better they came out this way :) I wish they were a little more whispy and loose.

Feel free to click on them to see them closer up.
Sorry the color is so wacky. It was sunset when I finished and I had to deliver them ASAP so it was the only time I could get pictures of them.

We call this one "Garden Girl."

She is based on the last picture you'll see in a second.

This is a Barbie that Kelli actually owns and will pass on to her daughter. She has blonde hair and green eyes just like Kelli :)

"Barbie Violette" by Robert Best.
uuggghh- I loooooovee itttt!!!!
I strive to be able to do stuff like this. It will take a lot of de-stressing myself out.


I work at Color Me Mine in Moorpark. I hosted a birthday party a few weeks ago, and part of the party package is the birthday child gets a plate made for them. As it was a dog theme, I went ahead and agreed to paint a dog on her plate- from a picture of her dog which they gave me to look at. First of all- I didn't mean to go "all out"- but I can't even help it! I didn't want to get so detailed for a free little plate, but I know no other way... (it's actually quite annoying, and I don't think I could ever fully explain how or why, to where anyone would either understand or pity me.) Anyways- you should know what the underglaze paints are a slightly different hue and dry a lot lighter than they will look after they are fired in the kiln. So here's what the dog looked like as the paint was drying...

And here's what it looks like after the finishing touches and when it's all baked and out of the kiln!
Now, some of you may be thinking "I like it better before it was fired." And I would basically agree. But, not to make excuses, it's hard to know exactly how it will come out in the end, depending on the amount of coats you use of a certain color, etc.
But I like both. I have to say though, that the non-fired one looks more realistic and jumps out at you more. Ah well! I still feel pretty proud of myself :)
So I'm thinking about getting myself into a little business of making these for people. If I did other animals or babies or flowers (you know- "that" kind of stuff), on plates or bowls or whatever... do you think people would buy it? I'd charge around $50 and on top of that they'd have to pay for the plate and paint through my work.
What do you think?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Potential Heirloom (Or So I'd Like to Think!)

I made these pillowcases a couple weeks ago for my dear dear good friend Jamie's wedding that I attended in Denver. I made them pretty fast, and I'm rather pleased with the outcome! I hope she and her husband Mr. Brimhall are too :)

I love these lovebirds. I'll make them pillowcases any day ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuff I Sewed a While Ago

I made this dress after I saw a similar dress at a store. I thought, "That's so easy, I could make it without a pattern!" So I did! I already had this crazy clown fabric so I just bought some lining and a the fabric for the tie. I finished this in one day I believe. Here we have a belted look and a free-flowing look.

One purse- two looks! I intend to make and sell more reversible purses. They will be different styles- not just plain totes. The cat was fun and annoying to make, so I don't know if I'll be doing many things like that again. I made this for my friend Jaela for her birthday.
A closer look. And apparently a plug for Neff clothing :)

This pillow is my baby. I love it. I especially love the back (which I consider to be the part with the flap- the top picture). I designed this myself (from the assymetrical flap to the contrasting stitching to the mock-box structure) for an assignment in my Home Decor class 2 years ago. I got 100%!! I started cutting fabric for a coordinating quilt... and I haven't touched it many many months :( It's on the ever-growing to-do list.

I wish this wasn't sideways :(
In my children's clothing class last year our last project was to make coats. This is basically an Ashley Original because I modified the pattern to make it A-line, invented the little flap for over the zipper (and search every now and then for the perfect giant buttons to sew on there), picked the pocket style, and tried my darnedest to make a rounded collar :) It wasn't a complete success, but I know it's pretty cute! I love picking out fabrics and putting them together- did I mention that? So great.
That's all for now! Just thought it was time for ya'll to see some of my sewing handiwork! Until next time...