Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Latest Commission!

My brother Jesse and sister-in-law Kelli commissioned me to make 3 illustrations for their daughter (my niece). They were definitely inspired by the amazing Barbie illustrations by Robert Best. I wish I wish I wish I could let loose and get my illustrations to look like his. I LOVE that style. I'm just not confident enough with anatomy, or my drawing skills for that matter, to just go at a "canvas" with a pen and expect a decent outcome. I should really practice!! (Don't get me started...). But it's not right to completely rip off someone's style or illustrations anyway, so it's probably better they came out this way :) I wish they were a little more whispy and loose.

Feel free to click on them to see them closer up.
Sorry the color is so wacky. It was sunset when I finished and I had to deliver them ASAP so it was the only time I could get pictures of them.

We call this one "Garden Girl."

She is based on the last picture you'll see in a second.

This is a Barbie that Kelli actually owns and will pass on to her daughter. She has blonde hair and green eyes just like Kelli :)

"Barbie Violette" by Robert Best.
uuggghh- I loooooovee itttt!!!!
I strive to be able to do stuff like this. It will take a lot of de-stressing myself out.


  1. barbie violette is my favorite but he story of what you did for kelli is sweet too, i can't choose.

  2. Excellent job Ashley! Those are wonderful!

  3. Lila- you do know I did NOT do Barbie Violette right? I only WISH i did. Thank you Tara :)

  4. Really nice work. I think you captured a good amount of charm in your own drawings, so I wouldn't "stress out" too much. Keep it up!