Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big, Billowy, Reversible Scarf!

Recently I bought a cute infinity scarf (a giant circle you twist and wrap instead of a scarf with two ends) with sequin stripes on it. It's adorable, but there's a problem. There's always at least a medium portion of the "wrong" side showing to the world! Not cool. So I decided to make some reversible scarves so each side looks... cool.

Here's my first one! It was way easy because I found some fantastic fabric that was beautiful on either side, so I didn't have to do 2 layers! It is soft silvery grey on one side, and a more shimmery gold on the other. It goes with everything! I did some mock flat-fell seams that I was so proud of myself for, so that no ugly seams are poking out. I made it wider than my inspiration-scarf so it would be more billowy. It worked! Here's a picture of me modeling it- if you see it big you'll see the 2 different colors better.

This one is me checking out some boots I was trying on while I'm shopping, but gives you another peek of how the scarf lays.
Future scarves will feature bolder patterns and color combinations. Wee! I'm excited!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Apron for Bestie!

I made this for my main-girl, Ashley! (Yeah, we have the same name, I didn't get confused.) Her birthday was in July and I decided last second I needed to make her something extra special. She's a queen in the kitchen and an apron was right up her alley, at least in my opinion. It was a tough choice picking the colors and all, but I think it looks fun AND chic. I really like this design and how it turned out! Well except for some minor flaws like the gaping neck :/ Oh well, I'll be more careful about that on the next one.