Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuff I Sewed a While Ago

I made this dress after I saw a similar dress at a store. I thought, "That's so easy, I could make it without a pattern!" So I did! I already had this crazy clown fabric so I just bought some lining and a the fabric for the tie. I finished this in one day I believe. Here we have a belted look and a free-flowing look.

One purse- two looks! I intend to make and sell more reversible purses. They will be different styles- not just plain totes. The cat was fun and annoying to make, so I don't know if I'll be doing many things like that again. I made this for my friend Jaela for her birthday.
A closer look. And apparently a plug for Neff clothing :)

This pillow is my baby. I love it. I especially love the back (which I consider to be the part with the flap- the top picture). I designed this myself (from the assymetrical flap to the contrasting stitching to the mock-box structure) for an assignment in my Home Decor class 2 years ago. I got 100%!! I started cutting fabric for a coordinating quilt... and I haven't touched it many many months :( It's on the ever-growing to-do list.

I wish this wasn't sideways :(
In my children's clothing class last year our last project was to make coats. This is basically an Ashley Original because I modified the pattern to make it A-line, invented the little flap for over the zipper (and search every now and then for the perfect giant buttons to sew on there), picked the pocket style, and tried my darnedest to make a rounded collar :) It wasn't a complete success, but I know it's pretty cute! I love picking out fabrics and putting them together- did I mention that? So great.
That's all for now! Just thought it was time for ya'll to see some of my sewing handiwork! Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the purse Ash! I loves it!

  2. i love this baby jacket and want one for evan so bad i can taste it. do you make it in 12mo? and boy colors? ;) how much?

  3. I ditto what Lila said....except girl in 12 month, LOL. :) I love the fabrics you chose.
    -Tara Schields