Monday, May 4, 2009

Sketchbook 2008

Well everybody, let's get caught up! I already showed you my first sketches... so here are some of my last :)
I drew these to fill a sketchbook required by my advanced illustration teacher. Got some good stuff out of it :)

A roughly 20 minute sketch of my niece Nathalie in her dorm.
A bird I drew from a calendar I had. I though this came out really cool!

My niece Daisy! I realized later her eyes were not on the same level, but it still looks like her so, oh well :)

Haha, for whatever reason I just love this drawing/concept. It is feuling idea and desire to make some oil paintings like this to go in people's kitchens and such.

I did this quick pen drawing from a photo I took at Nathalie's karate competition in Phoenix.
This is Declan, my friend's cat. I drew this from my phone screen! Cute cat.

This is Kirsten. I drew her while she was paying attention in class. Her head is drawn too big. But I LOVE pregnancy as you know, so this is a good one. Best for last ;D


  1. Ashley you are an amazing artist! My mom is a professional portrait artist, you draw a lot like she does. These are beautiful drawings. I am so proud of you and your many talents!

  2. I love the kitty picture...I kind of want it!