Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Earliest Gems

My mom used to bind up stacks of scratch paper with these neat metal clip things, and make doodle pads for me. By some miracle- they still remain! You won't find more than 2 baby pictures of me, but we have like 70 of my childhood drawings. I don't know when to estimate the date or year that these were done. If the movie that I mention in a moment came out in 1988 and was out on VHS for me to watch in 1989 or 90 then I'll estimate I was approximately 6 when I drew these. I'd like to see drawings of other 6 year olds and see how these compare. I'll be shamed if they're way better, haha. I sure talked myself up in the first post and I'll have to take my foot out of my mouth!

Apparently I'd been watching a lot of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Jessica Rabbit was such a babe, and I knew it. Her sex appeal isn't really coming through here ... haha.
A mama bird warming up a whole bunch of eggs.

When I saw this for the first time in a while, I was pretty impressed with myself for dealing with that whole background. Nowadays you could never get my lazy butt to willingly draw a ton of spectators in the back. Look how that one girls braid is so long it almost touchs the ice, haha :)

I think this is a cute little drawing. I wonder if I was confusing mermaids with ballerinas because of her tiny little bustier top there ;) This drawing pretty much proves I've loved ballet since weeelll before I ever went and tried it (for the first time in COLLEGE!). Love it love it.

This is another impressive drawing because I went all out and developed the background(/foreground) like I would barely be willing to do today. I get paralyzed by the thought of and need for reference, reference, reference. Blech.
Anyways, my faaavorite part of this drawing is that I had to EXTEND THE GROUND up on the right side, to fit a chair! haha! Nothing can stop me from what I want, huh?
Also, is that a sewing machine on the desk/dresser? Foreshadowing. ;)

I'm not even sure if this is by me because it just seems a little different. But I remember thinking that "obviously" the sky had a beginning and an end- thus the line up top, separating the sky from everything else, with the stars moon and... space shuttle!? Awesome.
I also love my spelling, if it is indeed mine.

This drawing is just hilarious when I think, "Maybe at a very young age I was already aware of how I would be constrained to POLITICAL CORRECTness in my future illustration career..." Hahah. I mean, neither of these girls are Asian or black or anything, but I was getting there, I'm sure. ;) Anyways, as a side note- when I was little I was obsessed with pregnancy and "baby bumps" and I'm surprised if I didn't draw more pregnant ladies somewhere.


  1. lol. ummm these are awesome basically.

  2. hahahahha. the pregnant lady with the wheelchair lady is so funny. good job!

  3. Haha. Oh my gosh. The wheelchair picture totally made me laugh!

  4. I love the one with the birdie in the tree!