Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Experiment: A Journey: A Crazy Skirt.

I don't know when I got the idea in my head to make this skirt, but all I know is that I designed and made a sketch of it the other day- and the next day I was making it.

So first things first, I had to make a pattern.
I used the "slash-and-spread" technique I learned in patternmaking class. I didn't bother making an accurate "block" with all the right measurements because I knew this was just going to have an elastic waistband and not be formfitting. So I just decided the width I wanted the bottom opening to be, how much gathering/puffiness I wanted at the top, and how long I wanted the skirt to be. So I slashed up my block and added onto the green paper seam allowances, hem, and extra on the top for a seam and folding it over to make casing for the elastic.

Ok so this isn't much of a journey because there are no pictures of this mid-construction but oh well! After a total of about 6 hours labor- from measuring and slicing up paper to stitching up hems- here's the finished product:
Not flattering!
Booty amplifier!!

Haha, no really, I'm proud of myself. It didn't turn out like the drawing, but I'll get into that in a moment. I'm proud of myself because I took an idea from start to finish, and employed my patternmaking education finally! Also, I had fun making it. I can get so INTO sewing!
So after staying up til close to dawn finishing this thing, I HAD to wear it to church. And it made me laugh every time I saw it in the mirror. Haha :) At least it's good for that. Also good for the up-and-down look from the girls passing by and no accompanying compliments! hahaha.

Ok, so the "problems":
1) I don't have the body of the girl in the sketch!! I don't have a small waist- my body just goes straight down to my hips. That's the main reason why I didn't pull this off as well as I thought I might.
2) It ended up more round on the sides than I intended. If I had to do it again I would make my pattern more concave on the side seams and maybe that would have helped it.
3) It's bulbous all around. It's just. not. flattering. despite my semi-thin frame.

1) Next time I'll wear a necklace that takes the eye up and away from the waist.
2) Or a cute wide belt! I tried one on and it looked pretty darn cute.



  1. it's awesome and i too am impressed that you utilized your pattern making and yes from start to finish so close together. didn't you just draw this yesterday? again, very impressed ;)

  2. Time for me to be a follower on YOUR blog! Love your skirt story, you are so clever! Off to read more!

  3. Hey, this is your long lost friend Brandi Rae. I wish we lived closer so we could sew and design clothes together. We would make a great team. Seriously. My dream is to get my masters in "apparel design and construction" but its too bad the only program is in Muncie, Indiana... 3 hours from my home. Anyway, hope you are doing good! Its been fun to see your face in peoples' blogs. :)