Monday, September 20, 2010

Dream Man illustration

I made this for a temporary art gallery that a friend of mine put together. The title is "Dream Man." I could have done anything, but I wanted to take this opportunity to do a painting, and in the end I decided to go through with this concept I came up with. I don't feel like explaining it right now, but if you want me to- I will later.

At the gallery, they hung side by side like this.

I really wanted to use metallic paint- so I did! Silver on his border, and gold on both of theirs.

A close up of the texture and drawing and painting.


  1. the male profile looks like a combo of wade and jesse. ;)

  2. i love your art! this is so great! how you get those textures, i do not know!?

  3. Brooke- well the canvas has a texture of its own, but I used gesso- which is just an acrylic paint primer- on both of them. I used it to fill in the cracks on the man's- then sanded it down to make it smoother, and probably did that a second time. For the girl I might have just applied the gesso more thickly and left brush strokes. For other places I just haphazardly added white acrylic paint- kinda like sponging it on but with a brush.