Monday, May 4, 2009

Figures and Faces

These are all assignments from 4 different classes: Figure Drawing, Head Drawing, Oil Painting II, and Life Painting. And these are all from 2006-2007. Man I need to get my butt in gear and do more stuff like this!
This is on "chip board"- basically the same as the cardboardy back of the large drawing pads. Instead of white charcoal we used white oil paint for our lights.
Just black and white charcoal on colored Cason paper.

This is Alexis. She was a good drawing subject in class and a nice girl all around :) This drawing is a good example of how I DON'T intend for my drawings to come out, but how they often do anyway. I didn't get my darks dark enough so I scratched some charcoal over them- and it makes the drawing realistic and flat and sketchy at the same time. I might like the result.

This isn't the best drawing. But whatev. In figure drawing class I don't spend a lot of time on the faces, as you can see. He's kind of a blur. The next drawing is a stellar example of what I just said though, haha.

haha- Faceless. I really like this drawing though. I think I got my values right on and that's why it looks this good. And maybe my edges too. For the non-artist, the "value" is how light or dark something is. Getting correct values in your work is one of the best keys to getting your work to look accurate or realistic.

This was a fun assignment. No darks/shadows, just lights.

Jamie! I painted her for extra credit I think. I felt bad making her sit there for so long so after 2 sessions I just took pictures and finished this from photo reference.

This girl was nice. She would always keep a little smile on her face! That's hard work- for 2.5 hours with only a few little breaks! I painted her in class like 3 times and this is the 1st or 2nd. I sort of got "progressively" worse through this semester I think :/

This girl was from Africa and she loved to listen to Enya. So she was awesome. I took pictures of these paintings and not scans- so I think the color/value is off a little :(

Oh man. This guy. Well anyway, I kinda like how this came out.

For this, my teacher set up lights with different colored "gels" or colored cellophane to give us a new idea of how to color people. To make us think outside the peach box. Or whatever skin color.

These last 3 were done for my life painting class, and I think I got worse as this semester went on too. Because I was pretty happy with this when I was done (I think the drawing is a little skewed though) and I think my teacher thought it was kind of mediocre. I was always frustrating him. For several reasons but one being that he thought I had a more potential but wasn't using it :( I wish I could see what he did in me. I wonder.


  1. they are all awesome and beautiful and invite you to make me one anytime you wish. the last one especially looks like a photograph! wow!

  2. I like the just lights picture. That's cool.

  3. Ashley you are sooo good!!!! Amazing!