Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Apron for Sister!

Christmas was coming up, and my sister Jenalyn gave me a strange (but welcome) proposition. She wanted me to fill her stocking for her shopping-challenged husband who "didn't know what to get her" and she'd pay me back. Well I've been wanting/meaning to make her an apron for ages- so I went for it! I had an idea of the aesthetic she was going for, but then my other sister helped me stalk her Pinterest and I knew that RUFFLES was the answer. So for the low low price of supplies only- Jenalyn got a custom-made ruffled apron!

I designed and made this!

I like the little details like this- contrasting neck strap thing just 'cuz.

Even though there was really no other way to do it- people I showed this too were delighted by the fact that the cute main fabric was hiding under the ruffles. It keeps it cute in case Jenalyn is jumping around while baking ;)

Ruffles in high def.

Double-sided ties make for a fun bow!

Jenalyn in the finished product!