Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister Christmas Pillow!

For Christmas in my familia (first of all, there are a ton of us, so) each "kid" or couple is assigned another kid or couple to give a present to. It rotates each year. This year I had my single sister Carlyn. So I got to spoil her with the WHOLE $40 budget ;) I wanted to do something more special than a gift card so I decided to make something she could use, and enjoy, and would be one of a kind and made by her lil sis. I asked her for inspiration and got a lot of questions answered about her taste, and ultimately decided upon a pillowcase for her. Here are my original ideas:
The geometric concept turned into making letters for her name. The ones that aren't colored in are supposed to be the letter "c" for "C"arlyn of course. "W"s for Wutkee. Perfect!
Oh man, I'm so glad I didn't pick the design on the top right! I have to admit that this project ended up to be a bit of a headache. Matching seams... not the easiest! And I didn't even succeed totally, but I'm pretty satisfied.

Here she is as a little (mis-measured) sapling:
This is the fabric for the back. Yes, I know it makes for a busy busy pillowcase, but at least you can't see both sides at the same time. Unless that's your super power or something.

Here is the pillowcase finished! I didn't really think out every aspect the best, so the end of it is just a little double folded hem instead of how a pillowcase is traditionally finished, with a really wide hem.
And here we are together, with a pillow inside so you can see it in "action" :)

I mailed the it to Carlyn, along with a gift card to Nordstrom, a little pack of Hello Kitty tissues, and some awesome stationary from a shop on
I think she likes it.

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