Monday, January 30, 2012

OG Idea and Scarf # 2

I had this big idea once upon a time. It was this:

I came up with the design because I'd bought a cute infinity scarf with stripes of silver sequins along the entire length, but the problem was when it was twisted and hanging from my neck- at least 50% of what someone would see is the ugly back side with a bunch of clear plastic thread. So that design I made there was the solution. The idea: no matter how much it twisted, what you see will be intentional and attractive. And depending on the fabric combination, it could make it wacky, pretty, or subtle.


The closest thing that design has begotten to date is this, which you might remember:

(Pardon the ugly Bon Jovi-esque hair.)
You might notice the flatter grey sheen on the opposite side of the more metallic gold. I only ended up using one fabric, but still employing my idea. I haven't found 2 compatible fabrics that I like enough together, to really execute this thing.


With this beautiful fabric I bought, I ended up with a new design. This is just one looooooong scarf (two ends, not a circle/infinity scarf)- I tie a little knot at the end, twist it once, and VOILA!

Don't forget to give me credit when you make one of your own ;)

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